ASHEN GROUP is a holding company started in 2018, aimed at acquiring and developing disruptive companies that aims at
enhancing and embracing our diverse cultural and lifestyle throughout our communities.
Hoping to bring the much-needed values that can be cherished by our communities.
ASHEN group currently has four subsidiary companies:
i.e. ASHEN Love Connect, ASHEN Interiors, ASHEN Spot & Lifestyle and ASHEN Properties.
See below for detailed description ...

Our Mission

Our mission is to be active participants in growing our communities by bringing the much sought-after business activities
in our communities to not only enhance but to actively encourage our communities
to embrace the changing times and taking up available opportunities.

Our Vision

Our vision is to become one of the leading South African conglomerate company,
that aims to continually seek, identify and efficiently solve socioeconomic issues using inclusive and innovative solutions,
to make people’s lives convenient and affordable.

About ASHEN Group Subsidiary Companies

The following are subsidiary companies owned by ASHEN Group

ASHEN   Love Connnect

Ashen Love Connection is a professional and strategized dating platform for matured adults to find real love,
through a well-established and thoughtful engaged procedures and processes

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ASHEN   Interiors

Ashen Interiors is a low cost, interior design and décor Division that aims to turn your house into an elegant,
lifestyle matched home, taking into account individual’s lifestyle taste that will make u feel living large with a small budget.

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ASHEN   Spot

ASHEN Spot & Lifestyle is a hospitality division that embraces different cultural and diversified activities in townships economy in offering food,
drinks and entertainment services and other meaningful activities.

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ASHEN   Properties

ASHEN Properties is a well inspected and assessed real estate Division, for leasing and renting out affordable modern houses,
that will allow tenants to live reasonably modern, comfortable, safe and sound.

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